Mr Sleeve
Natural and Relaxed Wedding Photography in the UK.

I'm Steve, a Manchester-based wedding photographer capturing authentic and beautiful imagery for couples wherever they choose to have their wedding.

Documentary style wedding photography lets real, genuine moments unfold naturally in front of the camera and it's these moments that I seek out at weddings.

You can READ MORE about me and how I work below, or feel free to GET IN TOUCH if you'd like to make an enquiry for your wedding.

What do I mean by 'honest and real'? I mean beautiful and authentic documentary-style photography of your wedding. Nothing too posed or directed. Every moment captured.

As a photographer (and as a human) I am always trying to find ways to live my values. This is where the term 'real weddings' comes from for me. I truly value those real moments that I get to photograph at a wedding and they're what I'm aiming to capture first and foremost. Certainly over the more posed bits.

My favourite photographs from weddings are almost always the ones with the real smiles – the real moments. I look for those moments at every wedding. The moments you don't even realise are being photographed.

I want you to enjoy the photography part of your wedding. It should be fun. Too many people dread it and they really shouldn’t. I'll make sure you feel comfortable so you're free to enjoy your pictures.

I like authenticity and realism in photographs. Documentary-style wedding photography is about recording what happens as it unfolds in front of me. That means capturing everything, whether it's part of the plan or not. Not everything will go to plan. Embrace the chaos! The photos will be worth it.

I try not to look at too many of other people’s wedding photographs so I’m not overly influenced to follow trends. You'll have a style for your wedding so that's what I'll follow.

I describe my style as natural, honest and real – but of course some parts of the day are more directed. They have to be. But I work with you on these so that you still feel at ease. And we still make sure it’s fun!

I love it when couples incorporate something different into their wedding. Something that is personal and special to them. It’s your wedding, so do it your way. Make it special.

A lot of people don’t like photos of themselves and get anxious about the photography part of a wedding. It’s part of my job to get you past that as quickly as possible so you don’t even think about it on the day.

Tell me what you want from your wedding photographer. I’m working for you. If I can do it, I will.

I’ve also worked as a project manager in a previous life. This is a HUGE benefit when helping plan the photography for your wedding around all the other stuff. And it means I’m super-organised.

Once the wedding day is done, and you’ve opened all your gifts, had your honeymoon, packed away the dress and polished off the cake, the photographs are one of the few things you get to keep.

That's why I champion getting your photos printed and why I include a wedding book in my package price. A beautifully handcrafted hardback wedding album becomes a keepsake and always gets picked up and looked at – for years to come! It breaks my heart to think of wedding photographs only living on an Instagram grid, or even worse buried away on a hard drive. Choose printing!

I know, I just encouraged you to print your photos but can I also encourage you to try and make your wedding as sustainable as possible. Do what you can to reduce any negative impact on the local environment. Choose local suppliers that share the same values. Re-use or recycle. If you need ideas, ask me!

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer, is discovering the amazing venues and locations that couples find. I'm based in Manchester but happy to travel anywhere for your wedding.

I will always try to be adaptable and create a wedding photography package that works for you and your plans. Just ask me and I'll always see what I can do.

If any of the above resonates with you, I might just be your wedding photographer. We should talk. ENQUIRE NOW


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