About me.

I'm Steve – 

a wedding photographer 

who's all about 

capturing authentic 

moments with a fun, 

relaxed + honest approach.

Mr Sleeve is me, Steve – a professional photographer with over ten years of weddings under my belt. I've shot all sorts of weddings from up in the Lake District, through Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, North Wales, Derbyshire and beyond – all across the UK in fact.

In addition to weddings, I also work as a commercial photographer mainly working in the property and architecture industries but also shooting lifestyle work. All of this experience lends itself nicely to shooting weddings.

I'm also an artist, making personal projects for exhibition and print sales, and this is where I get to make work that I'm passionate about – at the moment I do a lot of work about trees and the environment!

You can see my other work here.

But back to weddings. 

Relaxed, authentic, natural, real, honest – I use these words a lot. 

Trying to describe my approach and wedding photography style is difficult, but these words hopefully give an impression of what I'm about.
It's about capturing those moments. The unposed and unplanned moments are what truly make a wedding special and unique. They are the authentic moments and that's what I'm always looking to capture through my lens.

But there are moments that need to be a little bit posed or directed and they don't have to be painful or awkward. I like to think that my wedding clients feel comfortable with me so we can make those special couple portraits and even the more formal group shots fun and enjoyable. In fact, I'm proud to say that I've been told more than once that I'm 'easy to be around' – which is nice to hear.

It's about finding that balance between photographing all the beautiful moments that happen naturally throughout a wedding day, with the photographs that maybe need a little bit more structure or direction. Like the dreaded formal group shots or maybe you want to have some fun with creative couple portraits.

Avoiding the cringe is another wedding photography rule I like to keep in mind. Sometimes we might try something on a whim and it just doesn't work. So we stop, have a quick laugh about it and move on. Away from the cringe. 

No awkward poses though. Nothing that you don't feel comfortable with. Think playful and romantic. It's about helping you to feel relaxed and making sure we have fun!

I'm discreet too, when I need to be. Blending in with the guests, looking for those little secret moments. 

Or I'll be bang in the middle of the dance floor if and when it starts to get a little crazy – that's always fun.

I try and get that balance right to capture the real and honest wedding photos that tell the true story of your wedding – through beautiful, memorable photographs.

Heard enough? Enquire now.

Experience and organisation come as standard with me as your wedding photographer. A background working as a project manager means I'm all over it and super organised.

So if you're looking for a dependable and organised wedding photographer that's all about delivering fun, relaxed, natural and beautiful wedding pictures that tell your wedding story, honestly and beautifully – whilst still keeping an eye on the boring stuff like timings and schedules – we should talk.


Don't say cheese!

I am all about creating wedding photos that you'll love forever.

Real and honest wedding photography. Capturing genuine moments, not overstaged poses.

Fun and relaxed wedding photographs. Making sure you enjoy your wedding day.

Playful and romantic. Focusing on the joy and love that's in the air.



Discreet and present. Capturing all those little natural moments without being intrusive.

I seek out the good light, the secret kisses and smiles, and the epic dance moves.

Experienced and organised. Ensuring your photos are perfect and that your day runs smoothly. You can rely on me.

Print your photos. Bring them to life. It's why I decided to include a printed wedding photobook in my packages as standard.


Real love.

Real moments.

Relaxed portraits.

Happy couples.


If any of this sounds like it fits the kind of wedding you're planning, please get in touch and let's talk.


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